ARP Coyote Cylinder Head Stud Kits

The key to optimum combustion chamber sealing and long-term reliability, ARP head studs are the ideal replacement for factory TTY (Torque To Yield) bolts that are yielded in the assembly process and should never be re-used.
Moreover, ARP head studs for the Coyote are made from proprietary ARP2000™ material that is nominally rated at 220,000 psi tensile strength to facilitate increased clamping force. They are engineered for high combustion pressure applications, including supercharging, turbocharging or use of nitrous oxide.
The kits include parallel-ground washers, 12-point nuts and a packet of ARP Ultra-Torque® fastener lubricant.
256-4702 Head Stud Kit for 2011-2012 5.0L Coyote (12 mm)
256-4301 Head Stud Kit for 2013-up 5.0L Coyote (11 mm)

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