Universal Intercooler 3.00" Inlet/Outlet

ETL Performance Products specializes in performance aftermarket Universal Intercooler Cores, Intercooler Kits, Oil Coolers, Exhaust Clamp Components, Silicon Hoses and Aluminum Piping. Our attention to detail is what really separates us from our competitors in the market today. We use only the finest materials in our manufacturing process to complement the innovative engineering that goes into each unit produced. We aim to be transparent in our approach to not only boost the engine performance of your vehicle, but also the confidence in our products by our consumers. Details: Universal Intercooler Core Material: Aluminum Finish: Polished Width: 31. 00 Inch Height: 11. 70 Inch Thickness: 3. 00 Inch Inlet Size: 2.50" Inside Diameter. 3.00" Outside Diameter Sold As: Each