Pistal High Compression 100mm Drop-in Piston Kit

Through innovation and ISO 9001:2000 / ISO 140001:2004 standards, Pistal remains a leader in piston performance, quality and design. Located in Asti, Italy.

• Lightness that combines with high resistance.
• Use of materials with high mechanical characteristics, such as aluminum alloys derived from aeronautics for forged blanks, steel for raw micro-castings in vacuum, steel particularly valuable for plugs.
• Accessories supplied with the piston as pins, segments and rings, designed and manufactured specifically for each of our pistons.
• Qualified suppliers with many years of experience in the motor industry and close working relationship with them.
• All Kits Include the Correct number of Pistons made from Forged Aluminum , Wrist pins, and Piston Rings. all other gaskets and materials have to be sourced for the motorcycle manufacturer

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