Hot Shot's Secret Premium RV Diesel Additive

RV PREMIUM DIESEL ADDITIVE is a multi-functional diesel fuel additive that greatly upgrades power, performance, fuel economy and fuel stabilization for all diesel RVs.

RV PREMIUM DIESEL ADDITIVE boosts diesel’s cetane rating, creating more power and better fuel economy. It also provides excellent fuel lubrication to promote greater reliability and longevity.

RV PREMIUM DIESEL ADDITIVE prevents gum and varnish from forming inside the fuel system, including fuel injectors, while also improving fuel stability allowing for long term storage.

Recreational vehicles are designed and built with a specific purpose in mind. The additives you use in your RV should be the same way. That is why Hot Shot’s Secret engineered the first line of products specifically for RVs. Hot Shot’s Secret’s RV line of products are fully formulated, high quality products created to solve specific RV related problems, improve performance, fuel economy and reliability. When hitting the open road, you should not have to worry about your RV’s performance and whether you’ll hit mechanical “roadblocks” while traveling. Be confident your RV will perform as promised when using Hot Shot’s Secret RV products.