OPR Turbocharger Oil Pressure Regulator

 The All New Turbosmart OPR Turbocharger Oil Pressure Regulator was announced as the Winner of the Best Performance-Racing Product. In contrast, the Pneumatic StraightGate50 External Wastegate was announced as the Winner of the SEMA Best Engineered Product for 2022! 
Turbosmart’s ALL NEW from 2022 OPR V2 Turbocharger Oil Pressure Regulator provides rock-solid oil pressure for your turbocharger from a simple, inline return-less regulator and includes a built-in 44 Micron Stainless Steel Mesh Oil Filter.

The Turbosmart OPR V2 is a World First Return-Less Regulator that achieves target oil pressure through Turbosmart’s Patent Pending flow control strategy to deliver a laminar oil flow to your turbocharger, no matter the base engine oil pressure or temperature. Suitable for all known engine oils, the OPR V2 from Turbosmart will down-regulate any oil pressure to ensure the critical balances inside your turbocharger (Exhaust Drive, Back & Charge Pressures) aren’t compromised by over-pressurised engine oil causing consumption of oil and smoking. 

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