This unit is designed for late model GM LS engines. The application has a slight off-set and uses the OE bolts for installation. This unit is a genuine DENSO starter motor coupled to our U.S. patented concept.

Specifications: Offset Gear Reduction, 12-V, Clockwise, 1.4kW, 11-Tooth 29mm-L Pinion

The drive-end housing is easily re-positioned allowing for clearance considerations and compatibility with aftermarket components such as and to include oil pans, headers, off-road or track roll cages and tight fit frame rails all while providing strength and rigidity.

This unit is also available in a variety of configurations such as:
1.4kW - 1.9HP (standard)
2.0kW - 2.7HP
2.2kW - 3.0HP
Marine to meet SAE J11 71 Ignition Protection Certification
Clockwise or Counter Clockwise
Custom Machined