LS Engine : Newest DFM Hydraulic Lifter

The newest design, de-active lifters from GM are now available. The new DFM lifter will work in place of previous AFM applications. The original AFM lifter will ONLY fit AFM applications. 

Elgin part numbers :
The new Elgin part number for the DFM lifter is HL-7025.
The original Elgin part number for the AFM lifter is HL-7011.
*both lifters are currently in production
*both engines overlap production
*LS based V8 Engines

Engines :
2019+ DFM = Dynamic Fuel Management : 
( 16 ) lifters are de-act
HLG-7025FRA = DFM set (TBA)

2007+ AFM = Active Fuel Management : 
( 8 ) de-act lifters + ( 8 ) LS7 style lifters
HLG-7011FRA = AFM set – includes original AFM only lifter
HLG-7026FRA = AFM set – includes new AFM/DFM lifter

1997+ LS1 era
( 16 ) LS7 style lifters
HLG-2148FRA = LS7 set

All Made in USA, meet or exceed OE specs. Please contact Elgin for more info or to be connected with a distributor. 

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