Tire Measurement Devices


TPMS Features
• Lightweight sensors (20g) and receiver
• Connection output for CAN 2.0A up to 1Mbps (default)
• Pressure resolution 15.7mbar
• Pressure accuracy +/- 20mbar
• Automatic learning functions for sensor serial numbers and wheel location
• Any number of sensors can be added to the system

The standard kit comprises:
• 4 x Sensors
• Wiring harness
• Receiver
The kit is compatible with competition and race car applications that utilise 1Mbit CAN. (Other Baud rates can be requested.)
• This is the established industry standard for professional suppliers of ECUs, dashboards and data loggers within the motorsport and other automotive sectors.

The new Brightwater Technologies TPMS range has been launched to offer a previously unvailable solution for motorsport applications.
Additional or replacement sensors can be purchased. Any of the sensor serial numbers can be set for any wheel location. The location can be changed as required.

The sensor data for each of the 4 corners of the car have individual CAN IDs. The default CAN IDs can be changed to suit your installation.