Custom made products

The motor sport application has its own demand on product and technique. The required task is to create a product which combines high performance and an appealing sporty design. Animated through customers and in close contact with technicians and university development teams FLURO® developed this MS series. For the below mentioned applications the technical geometric design in connection with the performance of the bearing becomes important. A special emphasis has to be laid on the bearing's composition of inner ring, insert, mating surface and housing.

A classic application for rod ends is the suspension system. Related to it are different load problems such as vibrations and shocks under radial or axial loads. This dynamic stress demands a technically high quality bearing.

Depending on the race course and the driving performance of the driver, different loads can occur on the steering system.

In addition racing vehicles require a sporty design and appearance. The nickel plated housing with a high polish finish offers a professional racing look and is easy to clean from dirt and grease.

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