Turn 14 Distribution, the industry leader in performance parts distribution, has expanded its range of competition tires through the addition of Nankang.

“Nankang Motorsport has made a name for itself in the performance tire space by producing an extremely grippy tire at an unbeatable price point. We will be carrying the AR-1 — a favorite amongst amateur and pro racers — as well as the newly released CR-S, which has already begun to make waves in the motorsport community for its speed and consistency. We are thrilled to expand competition tire offerings with the addition of Nankang Motorsport and are committed to providing strong inventory and industry-leading after-sales support,” said Alex Lesslie, Divisional Purchasing Manager, Turn 14 Distribution.

Founded in 1959 as one of the first tire manufacturers in Taiwan, Nankang quickly gained credibility for producing quality tires at an affordable price. In recent years, the Nankang competition tire offerings have been a go-to for enthusiasts, becoming prevalent at autocross, time attack, and other high-performance driving events. The two most popular options from Nankang are the CR-S and AR-1. The CR-S is Nankang’s 200 treadwear offering, utilizing an outside tread shoulder resembling a racing slick tire. This design yields the extreme grip and handling characteristics of a racing slick without sacrificing wet surface performance. The AR-1 is the 100 treadwear option, which employs a unique semi-slick compound blend aiding rapid warm-up and maintaining consistent operating temperatures. Optimized tread and sidewall designs on AR-1 and CR-S make for a wider contact patch, improving grip and stability at high speeds. Nankang continues establishing itself as a trusted brand, serving over 100 markets globally with a diverse range of products, from passenger and commercial vehicles to motorcycles and specialized military applications.

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