Moroso Performance Products at Turn 14 Distribution!

Moroso Performance Products was started in 1968 by Dick Moroso, one of the most successful modified production drag racers. Dick left his racing career to design, test, and manufacture specialized products aimed exclusively at the racer's needs. The performance world quickly recognized that Moroso Performance Products were a cut above the others because they were designed and built for racers - by a racer!

Moroso Performance Products is one of the world's most respected suppliers of automotive equipment for racing and street performance applications. The company manufactures over 4,000 products, from oil pans and oiling systems, to ignition wire, ignition components, valve covers, fuel system equipment, air cleaners, hard-core racing tools, chassis and suspension equipment, and numerous other performance parts, which can now be purchased through Turn 14 Distribution!

Product Lines:

Engine Fluid Pans
Oiling Systems
Valvetrain Equipment
Motor & Transmission Mounts
Cooling System Components
Fuel System Equipment
Ignition Systems
Electrical Systems
Steering and Suspension Components