2.0L Turbo GM Ecotec LTG - Stage 1 Fuel Bundle

The perfect DI upgrade for Full Bolt On full E85 builds - run that juice straight from the pump (no more E-blend headaches!) and still have injector head room for safe operation on power tunes! Bring on that power potential up another 70hp and 1000rpm earlier! This Stage 1 bundle includes our Standard Bore HPFP kit (part #H086-0676) and our Stage 1 GDI Injectors (part #H703-1256) to provide a complete DI fuel system upgrade that is easy to install, easy to tune, and provides exceptional hp/$ value! Perfect for your FBO E85 build! Bundle-up & save! 


  • Standard Bore HPFP kit (part #H086-0676) including: 
    • Standard Bore High Pressure Fuel Pump with OEM quick-connect fitting
    • Mounting Flange, alignment tool, and Electric Harness Adapter
    • Stainless-steel high-pressure tube with OE style vacuum brazed spherical fittings
    • All necessary hardware including abrasion protection sleeve for low pressure line
    • Detailed Install Guide
  • Stage 1 GDI Injectors (part #H703-1256) including: 
    • Set of dynamically flow tested and batched Nostrum injectors (4)
    • Detailed install Guide
    • Injector batched set data
  • Tuning Guides (Available to Dealers and Certified Tuners) 

  • Direct replacement injectors with no additional accessories needed for install, OEM equivalent spray pattern
  • 100% tested and batched injector sets, serialized with set data sheet 
  • Pumps are 100% dynamically tested at engine relevant speeds and pressures, serialized for traceability
  • Complete E85 Compatible Fuel System
  • +20% injector fuel flow capacity
  • +36% HPFP fuel flow capacity
Bundle performance specs: 

  • WHP potential on gasoline: 550 WHP (180 bar max pressure, 328 BSFC, 40% injector DC, 10% driveline loss)
  • WHP potential on E85: 410 WHP (180 bar max pressure, 445 BSFC, 40% injector DC, 10% driveline loss)
  • Tune Requirement: Yes
  • Recommended Tuning Suite: HP Tuners 
  • Compatible with high lift camshaft (0.2" lift, ZZP cam)
See individual product pages for specific pump kit and injector set details. 

Tuning Requirements:

We highly recommend working with a tuner experienced in aftermarket DI fuel systems. DI is new for many tuners, and those less experienced may have issues with your vehicle or try to charge extra for a simple fuel system calibration. 
Certified Tuner: Cooper's Camaro