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EXEDY 4L60/E Family
EXEDY 4L60/E Family

EXEDY 4L60/E Family

The 4L60/E family has long been haunted by premature 3-4 clutch burnup; a decades-long problem where builders are seeking longevity. Over the years there have been various attempts to address this: from the changing the friction material and steel plate thicknesses, to the aftermarket trying extra thinner plates and single-sided plates. None of these addressed the root cause.
The proprietary current OE engineering and manufacturing technology used to produce millions of frictions per month, EXEDY has incorporated micro-waves into their already durable 3-4 friction plates for the 4L60/E family.
This design has undergone 16 months of extensive durability testing to ensure success. Micro-wave technology is used in current vehicles to help fuel mileage by considerably reducing parasitic drag in unapplied clutch packs. Using this methodology, micro-waves applied to the 3-4 clutch dramatically reduces heat generated in 1st and 2nd gear by keeping the plates cooled and separated prior to apply.
Available in friction modules from your distributors now!
EFK173HP1 includes (6) .080” thick waved 3-4’s.