15 Litre ATL Racell
15 Litre ATL Racell
15 Litre ATL Racell
15 Litre ATL Racell
15 Litre ATL Racell

15 Litre ATL Racell

Introducing the 15 Litre Racell from ATL

A high-performance fuel cell to accompany our existing Racell range.

With its FIA FT3-1999 approval, this fuel cell ensures both safety and reliability on the track.

Crafted from a unique, durable plastic alloy (FIA Homologation No ATL-565), the Racell provides outstanding resistance to impact and wear, making it an ideal choice for various motorsport disciplines, including Time Attacks, Hillclimb, Autocross, Grass Track, and Drag Racing.

Its generous 12.5L fillable volume allows for ample fuel capacity, keeping your vehicle running at peak performance throughout the race.

The cell comes equipped with essential features, including a flush-fit filler cap for easy refuelling, two -6 fuel outlets, a -6 fuel return line, and a tank mount rollover vent valve (-6).

The Racell includes yellow baffle foam specifically designed for petrol to further enhance safety and efficiency.


ATL 15 Litre Racell - FIA Homologated

Part Number: SA-AA-230 
Size: W: 230.0mm x D: 208.0mm x H: 435.0mm  2.97KG
The max fillable volume 12.5L.
FIA Specification: FIA FT3-1999 approved
Constructed from a unique, tough plastic alloy (FIA Homologation No ATL-565)
Ideal for Time Attack, Hillclimb, autocross, grass track and drag racing.
Supplied with: 
Flush-fit Filler Cap
2x -6 Fuel Outlets
-6 Fuel Return
Yellow Baffle Foam (Petrol Use)
(-6) Tank Mount Rollover Vent Valve

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