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Ethanol-Free Premium Gasoline 93 and 100 octane

Everyone is looking for ethanol free gasoline. MARINE 93 Ethanol Free Fuel was developed to to meet EPA specifications and provide a fuel that will not absorb water or moisture. This fuel eliminates all ethanol related problems. Don't let the name mislead you as this fuel can be used in race cars, vintage cars and trucks and small engines. Ask us about how to get 5 calls a day from new customers. Bottom line this fuel is less than HALF PRICE of what the competition sells for at Hardware Stores and Northern Tool. Your cost is $39 per pail or $299 per 54 gallon drum, plus shipping. Call 281-447-7200

This product is a great way to attract new customers.

Photo shows ethanol-based gasoline after 18 minutes exposed to the air.