Ball Joints

Exhaust Ball Joint

In Racing, there are vibrations that crate movements between the engine and the exhaust pipes. For this reason, we created a flexible system to connect the engine to the exhaust pipes: it is a revolutionary ball joint.

You can now have one at the turbine exit, one at the waste gate exit and a final one at the junction on the down pipe then you have a universal joint that can ensure a “+/- 9° rotation” in 3 axis.

• Better range of motion (+/-9°) ; rotation on 3 axes
• Better reliability of the entire exhaust system (exhaust manifold, turbine housing, waste gate, down pipe)
• Resistant to very high temperatures
• Customizable, according to the needs of the customers
• Extreme long life part • Ease of integration in the engine compartment, especially on old exhaust systems that have moved with the thermal expansion and stress release)