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IRN8-WS4 Wireless IR Tyre Temperature Sensor

The new IRN8-WS4 IR tyre temperature sensor is a wireless version of our IRN8 IR tyre temperature sensor. The sensor itself is identical, thus keeping all the benefits of the current IRN8, but broadcasts the signal over 868/902/920 mhz frequency. The sensor has a built in primary lithium battery which is user changeable. It functions with an accelerometer based wakeup system. This way the sensor gets placed into hibernation (for travel and shipping etc.) via magnetic override, and the battery run time can be maximized. This IR tyre temperature sensor is ideally suited for mounting on the front wing of a single seater car, or in the front splitter of enclosed wheel cars.
The sensors wireless system simplifies the complicated wiring usually required. Up to 8 of these IR tyre temperature sensors can be paired to the GenWM master receiver at any time, so it’s possible to have spare assemblies ready to be fitted in the event of crash damage etc, and they will be paired and working immediately.