ATL Racing Complete FluoroCell 600 Series Vertical Edge

ATL Racing is the world s oldest and largest producer of safety fuel cells for race cars, rally cars, stunt cars, sports cars, street rods, off-road vehicles, and race boats. Their Fuel Cells dominate the ranks of nearly all professional racing series. The common thread among ATL Racing s products is the seeming dichotomy of remarkable toughness and durability coupled with extreme light weight, high flexibility and compactness.

The ATL Racing FluoroCell 600 Series Complete Full Cell kit includes the world s first All-FUEL Kevlar reinforced bladder encased in a light-weight .063" aluminum container.

Ideal for: Road Race, Circle Track, Dirt Track, Offroad, Marine & Land Speed Record Applications.Optional Surge Tanks and Fuel Level Kits are available.


Light-Weight .063" Aluminum Container
Vertical Edge: top lid has 90 degree edged on left and right sides.
All-FUEL Light-Weight Bladder
Kevlar Reinforced Rubber
Exceeds FIA FT3.5 Specs
Accommodates ALL Road Fuels & Race Fuels
Composite Nut-Ring Flange
SF-103 Foam Baffling for Slosh & Explosion Suppression (NOTE: Certain Fuels Require Removal or Replacement of Safety Foam. Please Call an ATL Sales Engineer to Determine Compatibility.)
TF600 Light-Weight Aluminum Fill Plate
E-Z Grip Billet Aluminum Cap & Neck w/Flap Valve
#6 Vent-Check Roll-Over Valve
#6 Dipstick
#8 Outlet Fitting
#8 Pick-Up and Hose

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