Kompact EM (VR11) Valves (BMW X4 & M2 w/N55)

This represents a key differentiator of the Kompact EM line over conventional pneumatic valves. Traditionally, a mechanical valve would require an external vacuum source, which means more hardware &
more changes to your car. The EM valve eliminates this need by using an internal pressure reference and a gated control system which is electrically actuated by a high-speed solenoid. The Kompact EM range is available in both Plumb back & Dual Port, meaning you can enjoy the performance and reliability benefits, no matter your preference for noise.

Kompact EM (VR11): Suitable for the BMW M2 and X4 (N55 engine only)

*(For other N55 engine applications, please lookup our Kompact EM VR9 Valve.)*

Part Numbers:
TS-0223-1094 (Dual Port)
TS-0223-1294 (Plumb Back)


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