Weekend Warrior XL

  • PATENTED DESIGN – OmniWall Weekend Warrior XL’ss wall storage system is your ultimate tool and accessory organizer. The panels are designed to hang horizontally and vertically, which allows you to use it on any wall. Anywhere you choose to position the workbench kit is suitable.

  • ENDLESS STORAGE - The OmniWall Weekend Warrior XL is 8 feet wide and 4 feet tall and has over 30 different accessories giving you endless organization options. 

  • EASY INSTALLATION – all accessories are one solid piece and are guaranteed to clip into the panel steadily without falling off. Pefect for keeping your tools stored and secure to our panels.

  • ROOM TO GROW - With already over 30 accessories provided to you there is still plenty of room to expand your wall organization system and make your garage or shop an organized paradise.

  • This is our largest wall organization kit!  A quantity of nine (9) 16" x32" 18 gauge galvannealled powder coated metal panels with the strongest and most superior tool storage accessories on the market.      
Our OmniWall Weekend Warrior XL Kit is the wall organization system for the home improvement enthusiast and the master automotive technician who works on all family and friends’ vehicles every weekend.   Made in the USA.  

In addition to the nine (9) 16” x 32” panels, three (3) 32” long x 12” deep top shelves, five (5) other shelves and so many superior strength accessories that will astonish all your family and friends. Our large garage wall organization system for tools has a four pack of small peg board hooks, 2 packs of four medium peg board hooks and also a four pack of large peg board hooks. Additionally, there are eight serious hooks for hanging heavy tools.  Be the first in your neighborhood to showcase your tools with the very best wall organization system solution on the market.

Made in the USA, the OmniWall Weekend Warrior XL Kit is configured with 32" top and bottom wall cleats to make a 96" Wide X 48" Tall Wall System.   If your wall configuration differs, additional cleats may be purchased.

Product Includes
  • (9) 16" x 32" OmniPanel
  • (6) 32" Top Wall Cleat
  • (3) 32" Bottom Wall Cleat
  • (1) Multiple Drill/Impact Shelf 
  • (1) Magnetic Paper Towel Holder
  • (2) Single Set Screwdriver Holder
  • (2) Single Set Wrench Holder
  • (2) Plier & Clamp Holder
  • (1) Impact Shelf 4"x32"
  • (1) Impact Shelf 6"x32"
  • (1) Impact Shelf 8"x32"
  • (3) Top Shelf 12" deep x 32" long
  • (1) 5" x 3" x 16" All-Purpose Shelf
  • (2) 4-Pack of Short Wire Hooks
  • (2) 4-Pack of Medium Wire Hooks
  • (4) Short Serious Hooks
  • (4) Medium Serious Hooks
  • (1) Tablet & Phone Holder
  • (1) Bottle Opener
  • (1) Power Strip
  • (1) Universal Tool Cradle
  • (1) Universal Tool Cradle XL
  • (1) Belt Clip Organizer
  • (1) 3-pack of Plastic Bins
  • (1) Grinder Holder

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