KRADNOOS™ - Display Pushbuttons System

Why choose the Display Pushbuttons System?
  • Innovative design, combining 3 products in 1: LCD  display, multifunction pushbuttons, and a rotary switch 

  • Easy to use and customize, rugged, lightweight, and compact

  • Visually appealing, multifunctional pushbuttons, organized across numerous pages

  • Compatible with all CAN-Bus control units 
Military proven display pushbutton technology

Easy to read LCD display with selectable icons, bright RGB multicolor pushbuttons, and tactile feedback simplify the system, reducing error probability

Each pushbutton represents a real LCD display, capable of showing a video, image, or live data with different background colors

Multiple pages of functions selectable via rotary switch, pushbutton or CAN message

CAN bus 2.0 up to 1Mbps (CAN FD available)