Speed and Performance speciality shop. As well as restoration rebuilds and fabrication with engine building.

We are mainly interested in

A-Arms Air Ducts Air Scoops Air Shifters Auto Body Profile Templates & Equipment Axles Axles, Drag Axles, Floater Ball Joints Bead Locks Bearings Bearings, Ceramic--Driveline Bearings, Gearbox Bell Housings Birdcages Birdcages, Aluminum Body Panels Brake Calipers Brake Cleaners Brake Components Brake Cooling Systems Brake Discs Brake Fluid Brake Hats Brake Lines Brake Mounting Brackets Brake Pads Brake Proportioning Valves Brake Systems, ABS Bump Steer Gauges Bump Stops Bumpers Bushings Car Bodies, Aluminum Car Bodies, Composite/Carbon Fiber Car Bodies, Fiberglass Car Bodies, Steel Car Bodies, Vintage/Historic Caster/Camber Gauges Chassis Alignment Tools Chassis Components Chassis Components, Drag Chassis Plans Chassis, Drag Chassis, Late Model Chassis, Modifieds Chassis, Off-Road Chassis, Open Wheel Chassis, Road Race/Circuit Chassis, Stock Car Chassis, Truck Chassis, Vintage/Historic Clutch Bearings Clutch Release Bearings Clutches Coil Springs Couplers, Couplings Couplings, Quick Disconnect CV Joint Seals, Boots CV Joints Delay Boxes Differential Bearings Differential Covers Differentials Differentials, Locking Diffusers Drive Flanges Driveline Components Driveshafts Dry Break Fuel Receptacles & Accessories Fiberglass Parts Flywheel Dampers Flywheels Frame Kits, Drag Frame Kits, Midget Frame Kits, Mini-Sprint Frame Kits, Modifieds Frame Kits, Sprint Frame Kits, Stock Car Front Axles Fuel Bladders Fuel Cells Fuel Tanks Gearboxes Gearboxes, Quick Change Gears Gears, Quick Change High Misalignment Inserts Hub Pullers Hubs & Rotors, Wide Five Hubs, Freewheeling In & Out Boxes Instrument Panels Instruments/Gauges Jr. Dragster, Bodies, Components, Accessories Karting Chassis Karting, Chassis Components Ladder Bars Leaf Springs Legends Cars, Bodies & Parts Linkage Tubes Lug Nuts Master Cylinder, Dual Systems Master Cylinders Mini-Sprint Chassis/Chassis Components Mirrors Motor Mounts Nerf Bars, Steps, Running Boards Oil, Shock Absorber Panhard Bars Parachutes Pedal Assemblies Pins, Quick-Release Posi-Tractions Power Steering Boxes Power Steering Components Power Steering Fluid Power Steering Hoses Power Steering Oil Coolers Power Steering Pumps Power Steering Reservoirs Pyrometers Radius Rods Rear Axles Rearend Assemblies Rearend Center Sections Rearend Inspection Devices Rearend Oil Coolers Rearend Oil Pumps Rearend Side Plates Rearends, Drag Rearends, Midget Rearends, Silver Crown Rearends, Sprint Rearends, Stock Car Ring & Pinion Sets Rivets Rod End Bearings Roll Bar Padding Roll Bars/Roll Cages Scales Seals, Axle Seals, Firewall Seals, Grommets Seals, Rearends Seals, Rod End Seals, Transmission Seats, Aluminum Seats, Composite Seats, Fiberglass Shift Lights Shifters Shifting Forks Shock Absorber Racks Shock Absorbers Shock Absorbers, Coil-Over Shock Absorbers, Drag Racing Spindles Splitters Spools Spring Rubbers Stagger Gauges Steering Arms Steering Hubs, Quick Release Steering Shafts Steering Shafts, Collapsible Steering Systems Steering U-Joints Steering Wheels Steering, Rack & Pinion Strut Assemblies Strut Braces Struts Suspension Components Suspension Kits Suspension Tools Sway Bars Tachometers Tails TearOffs, Windshield Throw-Out Bearings Tire Bleeders Tire Groovers Tire Management Devices & Software Tire Measurement Devices Tire Pressure Gauges Tire Pressure Management Systems Tire Treatments Tire Warmers Tires Tires, Vintage/Historic Torque Converters Torque Tubes Torsion Arms Torsion Bars Torsion Bushings Torsion Mounts Torsion Stops Traction Control Trans Brakes Transmission Blankets Transmission Coolers Transmission Direct Drives Transmission Filters Transmission Fluid Transmission Gears/Planetary Gears Transmission Kits Transmission Mounts Transmission Pans Transmission Shields/Scatter Shields Transmission Tools Transmissions, Automatic Transmissions, Manual U-Joint Housings U-Joints Wheel Adapters Wheel Alignment Equipment Wheel Assemblies Wheel Bearings Wheel Centers Wheel Spacers Wheel Tools Wheelie Bars Wheels, Aluminum Wheels, Carbon Fiber Wheels, Magnesium Wheels, Steel Window Nets Windshields Windshields, Scratch Resistant Wing Towers Wings A/N Fittings Additives, Coolant Additives, Radiator Air Boxes Air Filter Cleaners Air Filter Oils Air Filters Air Intake Systems Altenative Energy Alternator Fans Alternators Aluminum Components Batteries Battery Cables Battery Shut-Off Devices Bearings, Ceramic--Engine Bearings, Engine Belt Drive Kits Belts Block/Water Jacket Filler Blower Manifolds Blowers & Blower Kits Blow-Off Valves Boost Controllers Breather Tanks Cam Gear Drives Cam Gears, Adjustable Camshafts Carburetor Covers/Cases Carburetor Kits Carburetor Spacers & Adapters Carburetors Ceramic Components Chips, Performance Tuning Connecting Rod Bolts Connecting Rods Coolants Cooling System Filler Tanks Crank Connectors Crankshafts Cut-out Switches Cylinder Heads, Aluminum Cylinder Heads, Cast Iron Cylinder Sleeves Diesel Performance Products Diesel Turbochargers Distributor Drives Distributors Dry Sump Pumps Electrical Connectors Engine Adapters Engine Blocks, Aluminum Engine Blocks, Cast Iron Engine Diapers, Replacement Pads Engine Kits Engine Management Systems Engine Mounts Engine Timing Tools Engine, Complete Engine, Two-Cycle Engine, Vintage/Historic Racing Exhaust Insulation Products Exhaust Systems Expansion Tanks Fan Shrouds Fans, Electric Fans, Flex Filler Necks Filter Mounts Fittings Fittings, Metric Fluid Fittings, Quick Connect Fuel Bowls Fuel Filter Mounts & Adapters Fuel Filters Fuel Injection, Electronic Fuel Injection, Mechanical Fuel Injection, Performance Kits Fuel Injector Cleaners Fuel Injectors Fuel Logs Fuel Pressure Regulators Fuel Pumps, Electrical Fuel Pumps, Mechanical Fuel Rails Fuel Shut-Off Valves Gaskets Gaskets, Aluminum Gaskets, Carburetor Gaskets, Copper Gaskets, Reusable Gear Drives Green/Electric Racing Components Harmonic Dampers Headers Heat Exchangers High-Pressure Hose, Neoprene Hose Clamps Hose Covers, Braided Hose Ends Hoses, Braided Hoses, Flex Hoses, Silicone Hoses, Ventilation Hybrid Drive Systems Ignition Coils Ignition Cut-Off Systems Ignition Systems Ignition Wires Injector Cleaners Injector Pills Intake Manifolds Intercoolers Karting, Engines & Engine Components Lifter Bore Bushing Lifters Lubricants, Dry Film Magnetos Main Caps Mandrel Bends Merge Collectors Metering Blocks Mini-Sprint Engines/Engine Components Mufflers Nitrous Oxide Bottle Warmers Nitrous Oxide Controllers Nitrous Oxide Injection Systems Nitrous Oxide Refills Oil Coolers Oil Filter Mounts & Adapters Oil Filters Oil Heaters Oil Pans Oil Pans, Dry Sump Oil Pumps Oil Seals Oil Tanks Piston Cooling Piston Rings Pistons Pre-Filters Pre-Lubers Pulleys Pushrods Radiator Caps Radiator Filler Necks Radiators Rev Limiters Rocker Arms Rotary Engine Components Spark Plugs Starters Stud Girdles Stud Kits Superchargers Tappets Thermostat Housings Thermostats Throttle Bodies Throttle Cables Throttle Stops Timing Chains, Sprockets Timing Covers Turbo Exhaust Manifolds Turbochargers Vacuum Pumps Valve Covers Valve Guides Valve Seat Inserts Valve Spring Shims Valve Springs Valves Valvetrain Parts Wastegates Water Pumps Wire Separators Wiring Wiring Harnesses/Systems Wrist Pins 3D Printing 3D Scanners/3D Measurement Tools Abrasives Absorbents Additive Manufacturing Adhesives Advanced Materials Air Compressors Air Dryers Air Tools Align Boring Machinery Align Honing Machinery Aluminum, Bar Stock Aluminum, Sheet Assembly Arms Assembly Compounds Autoclave Balancers, Crankshaft Balancers, Driveline Balancing Equipment, Engine Balancing Services Balancing Supplies, Crankshaft Band Saws Bar Stock--Alloy, Steel, Stainless Steel Battery Chargers Bead Rollers Blasting Equipment & Media, Bead Blasting Equipment & Media, Soda Bolt Extractors Borescopes Cadmium Plating Cam Bearing Tools Cam Check Tools Cap Grinders Castings Centerless Grinding Machinery Chemical Recycling Equipment Chemical Recyling Services Chemicals, Parts Cleaning Chemicals, Shop Cleaning Circular Cold Saws CNC Cutting Tools CNC Machining Centers CNC Turning Centers Coating Thickness Testers Coatings Coatings, Fire Retardant Coatings, Heat Suppression Composite Materials & Supplies Computational Fluid Dynamics, CFD Coordinate Measuring Devices Crack Detection Devices Crack Repair Products Crankshaft Machining Equipment Cryogenic Equipment & Services Cutters Cutting Tools Cylinder Block Boring Equipment Cylinder Block Honing Equipment Cylinder Block Honing Equipment, Portable Cylinder Block Machining Cylinder Head Fixtures Cylinder Head Pressure Testing Equipment Cylinder Head Seat & Guide Equipment Cylinder Head Vacuum Testers Cylinder Head Valve & Seat Grinders Deburring Tools Degreasing Products Design/Prototype Services Diagnostic Tools & Equipment Durometers/Hardness Testers Dust Mitigation Equipment Dynamic Test Rig Service Dynamometer Load Control Assemblies Dynamometer, Instrumentation & Accessories Dynamometers, Chassis Dynamometers, Engine Dynamometers, Shock Dynamometers, Transmission Dynamometers, Two-stroke Engine Engine Analyzers Engine Blueprinting Devices Engine Cranes, Dollies, Hoists Engine Diagnostic Tools Engine Organizer Trays Engine Stands Epoxies Fabricating Equipment Fabricating Services Floor Cleaning & Polishing Machines Flooring, Shop Flow Benches Flow Meters Flywheel Grinders Forgings Foundries Gauges, Bore Gauges, Dial Bore Gauges, Valve Guide Generators Generators, Portable Hand Tools Hazardous Waste Disposal Devices Head Porting Services Heat Treating Systems & Services Hones, External Hones, Portable Honing Oil Honing Plates Honing Stones Hose Assembly Tools Hot Tanks HPC / High Performance Computing Impact Wrenches Infrared Thermometers & Temperature Measuring Devices Jack Stands Laser Cutter Laser Engravers/Etchers Lathes Leak-Down Testers Lighting, Shop Logistics Solution Provider Machining Centers, Horizontal/Vertical Machining Service Providers Magnetic Particle Inspection Magneto Service Providers Mass Air Flow Meters Measurement Tools Metal Suppliers Metal Treatment Milling Oil Organizers Packaging Suppliers Paint Parts Cleaning Ovens Parts Polishers Parts Washers Piston Pin Tools Piston Ring Grinders Piston Vises Pneumatic Tools Porting Equipment Power Tool Batteries & Chargers Rapid Prototyping Resurfacing Equipment Reverse Engineering Services Robotics & Automation Rod Aligners Rod Boring Equipment Rod Gauges Rod Grinders Rod Heaters Rod Honing Equipment Rust Removal Products Sand-Blasting Equipment & Media Sheet Metal Brake Machines Sheet Metal Cutters Sheet Metal Tools Shop Accessories/Supplies Shop Cabinets Shop Equipment Financing & Leasing Services Shop Equipment, Used Shop Presses & Accessories Shop Rag Services Shop Towels Shop Waste Reduction Shot-Peening Equipment Software, Business Management/Retail Software, CAD/CAM/CNC Software, Chassis Setup Software, Design Software, Digitizing Software, Drag Race Software, Engine Design Software, Oval Track Software, Road Race/Circuit Software, Simulation Spray Washers Spring Testers Storage Containers Stress Relief Equipment Surface Plates/Chassis Jigs Tapping & Assembly Arms Temperature Measurement Tools Testing Equipment Testing Facilities Thermal Parts Cleaners Thread Repair/Replacement Tire Changers Tire Changing Tools Tool Cabinets Tool Chests Tool Sharpeners Torque Converter Rebuilding Systems Torque Wrenches/Testers Tube Bending Services Tube Fittings Tubing Tubing Benders, Notchers Tubing Bends Tubing, Aluminum Tubing, Chromoly Tubing, Stainless Steel Tumbler Parts Cleaning Turn Plates Ultrasonic Parts Cleaning Ultrasonic Thickness Testers Valve Adjustment Tools Valve Refacing Tools Valve Seat Counterboring Tools Valve Seat Cutters Valve Seat Dial-Gauges Valve Seat Raters Valve Spring Compressors Valve Spring Raters Vibration Analysis Services Vibratory Finishing Supplies Vibratory Testing Waterjet Laser Cutters Welding Equipment Welding Filler Metals/Rod, Wire Welding Helmets, Hoods, Goggles Welding Respirators Wet/Dry Vacuums Wind Tunnels Work Holding Devices Work Stations Zyglo Testing Additives, Fuel Additives, Oil Advertising Agencies/Marketing Services Air Jacks Anti-Fog Agents Arm Restraints Auction Companies, Classic Race Car Autograph Cards/Posters Automotive Cleaners & Wipes Awnings Bike / Motorcycle Specialists Bolts Bolts, Titanium Books Cables Canopies Car Covers Car Lifts Carbon Monoxide Monitors/Air Filtration Systems Catalogs/Brochures Christmas Trees, Practice Clothing, Embroidered Clothing, Imprinted Clothing, Leather Clothing, Logoed Clothing, Sublimated Communication Headphones & Earpieces Composite Materials, Repair Systems Composite Parts Credit Card Processing Systems & Services Crew Apparel Data Acquisition Systems Decals/Stickers Die-Cast Collectibles Driver Air Conditioning Systems Driver Cooling Systems Driver Gear & Helmet Bags Driver Head & Neck Restraints Driver Hoods/Balaclavas, Flame Retardant Driver Restraints, Harnesses, Belts Driver Suits, Cooling Driver Suits, Karting Driver Suits--SFI, FIA Approved Driver Underwear Dump Cans Dynamometer Testing Services Earplugs Economic Development Agencies Engineering Services Fabric, Care Systems Fabrics, Fire Retardant Fanwear Fasteners Fasteners, Cable Ties Fasteners, Cam Lock Fasteners, Cam Lock Tools Fasteners, Cam Lock Wire Weld Plate Fasteners, Hood Latches Fasteners, Hood Pins Fasteners, Locking Fasteners, Spring Loaded Fasteners, Threaded Fasteners, Titanium Financial Services Fire Extinguishing Chemicals Fire Suppression Systems/Extinguishers Fuel Cans, Jugs & Accessories Fuel Tanks, Tow Vehicle Backup Fuel Testing Devices Fuels, Racing Funnels Fuse Panels Gloves, Crew/Mechanics Gloves, Driver Goggles GPS Systems Graphic Artists Graphics & Wraps Hand Cleaners Hat Pins Hats & Caps Helmet Face Shields Helmets Helmets, Custom Painting Hospitality Tents Insulation Insulation/Thermal Barriers Products Insurance, Business Insurance, Product Liability Internet Marketing Services Jacks Jacks, Aluminum Karting Accessories & Equipment Lap Timers/Stop Watches Lighting, Car Lubricants Lubricants, Gear Machined Aluminum Components Manuals Marine Racing, Components, Accessories Mechanics Apparel Motor Coaches/Motorhomes/RVs Motorsports Consulting Services Motorsports Job Recruiting Motorsports Marketing Agencies Octane Boosters Oil Oil, Synthetic Paint & Labels, Temperature Sensitive Paint Protective Films & Application Tools Pit Boards Pit Carts/Wagons Pit Equipment Pit Transporters Point-of-Purchase Displays/Packaging Polishes & Waxes Race Car Builders Race Driving Schools Racing Industry Shows/Expositions Racing Publications Racing Publications Online Racing Simulators Radios, Communication Devices Refueling Equipment Safety Equipment/Systems Safety Wire Schools & Training Centers Sealants Sensors & Senders Shipping Cases Shipping Services Shoes, Driver Sponsorship Services Store Design Specialists Store Fixtures Switch Panels Switches Tape TearOffs, Helmet Tear-Offs, Laminated Testing Laboratories Tie Wraps Tie-Down Straps & Accessories Tire Carts Tire Racks Titanium Components Tow Straps Tow Vehicle Accessories Tow Vehicle Diesel Performance Parts Tow Vehicle Performance Parts Tow Vehicles Trade Associations Trade Show Displays Trailer Accessories Trailer Cabinets/Work Stations Trailer Lifts Trailer Suspension Components Trailers, Enclosed Trailers, Open Video-Loggers Videos, Instructional Videos, Motorsports Vintage/Historic Race Car Restoration Vinyl Lettering Weather Stations Weather Stations, Software Website Construction, Maintenance Winches Banners/Signs Christmas Trees, Track Computer/Timing Equipment Credential/Pit Pass Holders eSports Event Marketing & Promotion Flags/Pennants Fuel, Race Track Sales Insurance, Race Track Lighting, Race Track Motorsports Media P.A. Systems Photographers Race Track Absorbent Race Track Design/Construction Services Race Track Signage Race Track Timing/Scoring Systems Safety Barriers, Soft Walls Scoreboards Seating/Bleachers Souvenirs/Gifts/Novelties Tech/Weigh-In Equipment Test Tracks Tickets/Wristbands Track Conditioners Trophies/Plaques TV/Radio Advertising Production Video Production Air/Oil Separator Promotional Items Track Day Cooling Fans Lanyards Turbo Compressor Wheel Tube Benders Pit Crew Services Welding Instruction Waterjet Cutting Waterjet Machining Engine Seals Crankshaft Seals Championship Rings Track Dryer Heat Insulation Blankets Thermoform Composites Custom Machined Parts CNC Machining CNC Routing Composites Development Aero Splitters & Diffusers Lightweight Batteries Drive By Wire Actuators Clutch By Wire Actuators Electric Waste Gate Actuators Windscreen Wiper Motors Electric Brake Bias Actuators Private Labeling Rod Ends Pressure Plates Pilot Bearings Hospitality Trailers Inverters Motors, electric Welding Supplies TIG Welding Software, Customer Relationship Management Eyewear Safety Protection Shields Hand Sanitizer Masks Rearend Housings PCM (Power control module) Intelligent fuse box Intelligent power distribution Solid state fuse box Additives, Transmission Fluid Modeling and Simulation Yokes Driver Development Intake Manifolds Spacers Timing Pointers
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