OilSafe® - Transfer Container - Fluid Pump Kit
OilSafe® - Transfer Container - Fluid Pump Kit
OilSafe® - Transfer Container - Fluid Pump Kit
OilSafe® - Transfer Container - Fluid Pump Kit

OilSafe® - Transfer Container - Fluid Pump Kit

Say goodbye to the hassle of dealing with difficult-to-use, squeaky, old, and hard-to-clean oil pumps that can harm the performance of your valuable racing car. Upgrade to our top-of-the-line oil transfer containers and experience a new level of convenience and reliability!

Our product is the number one transfer container system in the world, providing the ultimate solution for Engine, Automatic Transmission and Differential oil changes and top-offs. With our fully sealed unit, you can trust that your oil remains free of any contamination, making it a safe and reliable option for all your oil transfer needs. Also can be used for coolant, wiper and brake fluids.

Our unique design allows for easy dispensing without the need for any secondary tools like funnels or cheap bottle pumps that can be messy and ineffective. And to make things even easier, our containers are color-coded for easy identification of different types of oils, preventing any mix-ups or cross-contamination when working with different fluids.

Streamlined Fluid Management

Oilsafe Containers offer a revolutionary approach to oil transfer, significantly enhancing efficiency and vehicle maintenance in motorsports. Our sealed design guarantees contamination-free fluids, while the intuitive, mess-free dispensing system streamlines the process. 

Container Sizes: 3, 5, 10 Liters

Color-Coded Efficiency

Avoid fluid mix-ups with our color-coded containers, a must-have for precise fluid handling. With a palette of 10 colors, teams can easily differentiate between fluids, safeguarding against cross-contamination and ensuring the integrity of each vehicle's performance.
10 Colors Available
Boost your motorsport team's efficiency with Oilsafe Transfer Containers.

Learn More:  WWW.DRIVENracing.SHOP (Use Code "EPARTRADE" for a special Discount) or contact us on the link below. 

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