Brake Discs

PAGID Racing Brake Discs

An uncompromising and highly efficient partnership between brake pad and brake disc – this was the development criteria for our PAGID Racing brake disc. Under this aspect the full characteristics were developed and set up for the intended purpose.

Strict quality controls during a long development process result in a high performance racing brake disc, optimized for weight, cooling performance and crack resistance. In conjunction with our brake pads our products create a highly efficient „brake team“.
The modular design allows in most cases the use of either the lightweight version (for sprint races or rally), or the endurance version with the same hat (bell) for the specific vehicle applications.

Floating connection between bobbin and disc eliminates wear
on the hard anodized hat and makes it reusable multiple times.

Airflow onto the outside friction face is achieved through the
proper sized openings in the connection flange to the disc.

Specially designed ventilation chamber to optimize the thermal exchange rate between disc and cooling airflow.

The surface finish (groove pattern) has been developed in combination with Pagid Racing brake pads for best system performance and wear characteristics.