Tempest™ High-Pressure Manual Spray Washer

The Tempest™ Series of aqueous cabinet parts washers uses 600 psi of high-pressure aqueous cleaning solution power to scrub parts clean—no abrasives to damage precision machined parts.

The ultimate in operator comfort, the Tempest™ 10, 10S, and 20S keep the operator’s hands clean and out of cleaning solution. Operator simply slips hands into gloves and directs up to 600 psi fluid stream of heated cleaning detergent at parts.

Fast heat-up, illuminated cabinet and window-clearing blower are standard on both units. Flexible neoprene gloves, safe and convenient air-actuated on/off foot pedal switch, and ergonomic working height maximize user comfort and result in increased efficiency. Adjustable hand-held spray nozzle can be set to a wide fan or pinpoint stream to direct cleaning power where needed. 150 mesh filter traps chips and solids and continuously filters fluid.

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