FT700 & FT700+ VCU
FT700 & FT700+ VCU
FT700 & FT700+ VCU
FT700 & FT700+ VCU
FT700 & FT700+ VCU

FT700 & FT700+ VCU

We've spent the last few years developing our vision of the future, a powerful and complete product. Re-establishing the limits of what electronics can do and updating how they are used. Much more than an ECU, a connected VCU with unimaginable capacity and resources.

The FT700 and FT700 Plus are powerful, high-tech devices, connecting people to machines in unimaginable ways. There are countless possibilities to explore the hardware, for a long time, with thousands of updates and ways of use.

We have developed a new multi-platform interface capable of running on cell phones, tablets and notebooks. Anyone can connect to the FT700 even through WiFi or Bluetooth. The future is in your hands.

This interconnectivity allows one person to connect to your vehicle while you are driving, and make real-time changes. In addition, the passenger can have a second dashboard, where he can check the health of the engine while the driver concentrates on the race at hand.

The Vision FT line isn't just about performance, it's also about data security. With end-to-end encryption, which is present in the execution of the software, in the communication between devices and in your files.

The VCU is what decides who will connect to it via unique user identification and login credentials, Thus preventing other people from trying to connect to it without permission. This communication between devices takes place through an exclusive and secure protocol developed especially for the Vision FT line. We also have encryption on your maps and logs, That only authorized devices can open and manipulate. Making the system safe and secure at all times.

With the FT700 and FT700 Plus you will have the traditional option of maps by injection time table or by volumetric efficiency (VE). Where the fueling is calculated by taking engine volumetric characteristics and air-fuel mixture targets into account.

The new VCUs now have built-in conditioners for 2 wideband oxygen sensors with user selectable options ranging from the Bosch LSU 4.2, 4.9, 5.2 or NTK.

The FT700 and FT700 Plus, in addition to controlling combustion engines, are already capable of controlling fully electric or hybrid vehicles (combining electric motors and combustion engines).

Integrated controls for electric motor inverters, chargers and battery managers are already native in addition to the entire ecosystem that an electric vehicle needs.

Thinking about the growing use of data, the FT700 provides up to 64Gb of data in its internal memory. That means having up to 600 hours of data logger recording*!

The FT700 and FT700 Plus have also brought an evolution in the ability to acquire this data 5x faster than the previous ECU line. This means they are capable of sampling every 1 ms (millisecond), That's 1,000 samples per second! or 1,000 Hertz.

*Recording time measured with a 24 channel and 25Hz sample file.

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